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I n Masaaki Noda’s work the aerodynamic and the grand expressionist gesture converge: two of the basic principles of modernism become one, to new sublime effect. Both began their long careers at the beginning of the twentieth century, the former in the aerodynamic phase of Malevich’s Suprematism and in Delaunay’s cosmic disks, to cite two famous examples, and the later with Kandinsky’s Abstract Expressionism. Aerodynamics deals with the movement of objects in the atmosphere – they can be streamlined so as to reduce wind drag, making from fore efficient movement – while the expressionist gesture resonated with instuinctive energy. Aerodynamics aims at greater and greater refinement, gesturalism aims at greater and greater impulsiveness. The triumph of Noda’s forms, whether in two or three dimensions, is that they seem simultaneously efficient and impulsive – outwardly swift and inwardly driven. They seem to pare pure form down to a necessary minimum, and to concentrate expressive power in a singular movement. They are at once sweeping and balanced. Most crucially, they convey a sense of cosmic movement – the dynamic of the infinite, as it was, suggestive of spiritual aspiration.

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