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#27070Jean S Lott
Replies: 3
I have 3 limited prints. I known nothing
about them--are they collectable, are they
2513 Paul Cezanne
Fleurs Dans Un Vase De Delft
C Braun Et Cie 1955 Printed in France

13349 Edgar Degas
Danseuse Sur La Scene
C S. P. A. D. E. M. Imprimerie Et Editions
Braun S. A. Mulhouse Paris
Louvre, Musee De L\'Impressionnisme

20 E. Degas. Danseuse Rajustant Son

Fernand Hazan Editeur, Paris
Droits De Reproduction Reserves
Printed in France

I will appreciate any information on these
prints. I have tried to \"google\" information
on them.


Replies: 0

#27068John R Math
Replies: 6
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#27067Jane Orr
Replies: 6
Black and White Carin Terriers
drawn by Paledofsky. Purchased at
J. W. Hughes Galleries Detroit MI.
Feedback please?

Replies: 1
I have a ventage \"NATURE MORTE
ET BOUGIE \"That is stamped with
the name cresent and a 6 digit
numbera 531208 on it so what
does that mean

Replies: 1
I have a ventage \"NATURE

#27064Christy Hearn
Replies: 4
We have a Carle J. Blender table that folds
down and the picture faces you. It has a
stamp on back # springtime July 28, 1950.
Can someone tell me anything about it!

#27063Angie Coleman
Replies: 6
Hi my name is Angie I need help with my Vangogh I really need help..I old framed painting believed to be in water colors..I purchaced a box lot at an auction for $2.00 dollars an this painting was inside amoung other things..when I got home an seen what i had I could not believe it..It is very old but in prestine condition..It is not a print..I can see the brush strokes easily through a loop..It also has a title number on the back of the painting..I know the answer is in the idenifcation number..If someone could help me with my discovery I would gladly show my appritiation when its sold..I am hoping someone could partner up with me and help me prove that this vangogh is authenic..The painting is sighned Vincent..The tag on the back of the painting reads; Vangogh (35844) Les Tournesols..Sunflowers..Braun&company Mulhouse Dornach Paris Londres Ny collection VW Vangogh Laren..On the back of the frame there is a sticker that reads:JW Hughes galleries inc..paintings etchings frames 7337 woodward ave Detroit..I am positive that this painting is authenic..I have found out that there was some paintings that vanished in Ohio in 1948 after an exibit..I discovered this painting in ohio.. If someone could help me track the infomation on the tag it would make it so much easier for me to prove its can contact me at 740-577-9126 OR Email me at an i can send you pics of the painting..thank you very much

#27062Arnab Roy
Replies: 0
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#27061david johnson
Replies: 2
I am looking for Info on the JW Hughes gallery..I saw on here that nancy goodman was her grandaughter..I need to know when they opened and when they closed..I have discoved a original sighned and taged Vincent Vangogh I am working on its authenticity right now, I have several art gallerys investagating it now..including one in Paris and one in Germany..On the back of the frame it has JW Hughes galleries inc Detroit woodward ave..aparently it passed through their hands at one point I would say they framed the Vangogh..I have done alot of reserch an I cant find no records on them..I need help!! The frame is a very old wood frame with screw hooks and a wire attached..I wonder what year they stopped using the screw and wires? IF ANY ONE out there knows anything about this company please let me email address is doc_6266@yahoo .com thank you

#27060david johnson
Replies: 1
i am looking for info on JW hughes galleries in detroit,i need to now what year they open and closed, i ran across an original signed and sealed vincent vangogh oil painting,on the back of the frame it has a seal jw hughes galleries detroit woodward very interested in what year it might have been framed there.. nancy goodman i would like to have your email address so i can coraspond with u thanks.

#27059Sritama Das
Replies: 1
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Replies: 0
I came across a framed photo of jj henner
with la liseuse with hel braun clement & c\'s
bottom rt corner &top lt corner#1863 is
there a value

#27057Arnab Roy
Replies: 3
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#27056Arnab Roy
Replies: 0
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#27055Niloy Roy
Replies: 4
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#27054Jaydeev Roy
Replies: 0
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#27053Nishan Roy
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#27052Arnab Roy
Replies: 5
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#27050Niloy Roy
Replies: 4
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#27048Jaydeev Roy
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#27047Jaydeev Roy
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#27046carol hartman
Replies: 7
I have an auguste renoir, La Balancoire print
1947 printed in
Imprimerie et editions braun s.s. mulhouse-
paris a b within a circle underneath. WHAT

Replies: 4
Value of Editions Braun Mulhouse Paris. 1938 copy of women reading by August Renoir 13401,Liseuse Louvre Musee De L\'impressionnisme,made in France.Thank you

#27044Andy Baron
Replies: 2
I have what I belive are prints #412 by dave
marrion rice #329 majestic wood by robert
wood alsoa print champs elysees its
11by14 made by Antoine b and I cant make
iut the last name so the question is does
anybody know how old thease are and do
they have value to them and are the artists

Replies: 3
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Replies: 11
hello. i recently aquired a painting called
\"one minute more\" by DEBO (dennis clark).
i\'ve only found very basic info about him,
but i was hoping to locate his website or
anything that can help me with the history of
this painting. it\'s a huge piece measuring
approximaely 71\" x 56\". thanks in advance
for any help !

#27041debi bly
Replies: 5
Given a framed picture from
J.W.Hughes Detroit, Mi. This is
signed however, I can\'t make out
signature. Since I am ignorant with
this type art work where would I
take this to find out the signature
and information on this as well.
Thank you....appreciated.

Replies: 6
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Replies: 8
I have a painting about 12\" x 15\" of an old
man smoking a pipe. The signature on the
paining says Marini or Mahini. There is a
label on the back of the frame from J.W.
Hughes Galleries in Detroit. Does anyone
know who the artist might be?

Replies: 7
I have a painting about 12\" x 15\" of an old
man smoking a pipe. The signature on the
paining says Marini or Mahini. There is a
label on the back of theorem from J.W.
Hughes Galleries in Detroit. Does anyone
know who the artist might be?

Replies: 6
I have a painting I want to sell it and is from Todd Gallery The Lord & Taylor. Its a lady with two candles light on in front of her. I wish to sell it and need to know and where and also it\\\'s worth.

#27036manvi sengupta
Replies: 8
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#27035Sam Nadeau
Replies: 4
I have a painting signed Che\' and am
wondering if it is by the Cuban/Argentine
revolutionary, Che Guevara, who according
to his father loved painting and was fairly
good at it.

Replies: 9
I have a large painting on burlap of a vase with flowers done in tans,browns,grays and black signed by R. Bushong. Any info on its worth would be appreciated.

Replies: 201
Hi everybody I have found two old prints of
A.Thieme art. Coming from J.W.Hughes
galleries of 1. Hauling Nets
2. Summer Morning
Can any one tell me what they cost value of
these old prints are. Thanks

#27032karin painter
Replies: 1
I have a R. Comel miniature water
color painting and am trying to
find out what this might be worth,
if anything. I am having a hard
time finding a sight that wants a
credit card number. I found this at
a garage sale and am interested in
finding out if it is worth

Replies: 11

#27030Tammy Mallia
Replies: 7
I have on a canvas a piture of \'Madame Louise de France\' Jean Mark Nattier, on the bottom left hand corner says, Facsimile Braun.Mulhouse this picture is in a old wood frame with a red velvet in aroud the frame. On the back of the woodframe, has a sticker that reads, Cadres D\'art encadrements Maison FRANCO 19, rue Pastorelli NICE telephone 85-25-20. Can anyone tell me anything about this painting and if and how much it could be worth ?

Replies: 3
My aunt is in possession of an original oil painting by Marion Rice. It is the beautiful blue and white flowers in the white vase. I made a copy of it. It is truly beautiful. I have asked her to leave
it to me when she passes.

Replies: 21
Grandmother left a International Gallery Prints, Chrysanthemums by Rice, sz 16\"x20\", # 619, signed Marion Rice,Gran has noted on back that she purchased in 1958, curious of year print was made and its value? Thank You...

#27027Ruth Chaffee
Replies: 3
I\'d like information on a U of M Lithograph
print by Richard Rummell signed and dated
1907. It has a J W Huges Woodward Ave.
Detroit seal on the back. Would it have
value today? Any information would be
appreciated. Thank you

Replies: 8
I have a oil painting on a canvas that
appears to be old...the signature in the
bottom right appears to say \"p. paya\" or it
could be paga I\'m not sure it\'s an image of
fruits on a table and it cracking in several
places in several different colors any help
on who the artist may be?

Replies: 5
I have a framed print/
drawing thats signed by RR
living. Named pLACE DE
L\'OPERA. Stix Baer Fuller
NO 06898 What is the

Replies: 9
i have a print no.603 size 16 x 20 \"florals in white vase\" by marion rice.i am wondering if you can tell me if it would be worth trying to auction off. please reply thank you,bonnie

Replies: 20
I have a print: Rembrandt - \"Man in a Golden Helmet\"; on the back it also says \"No 19829\" & \"Imprimerie et Editions Braun S.A. Mulhouse-Paris\", with a capital B in a circle below; it is about 11&1/2 inches high by 8&1/2 inches wide. I am wondering if it is of any value or how to find out. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Replies: 10
I found a lithograph from Henri
Matisse, printed by Braun & Cie.
Did Matisse used Braun & Cie for
his lithographs? I want to make
sure it\'s real!

#27021Alok Roy
Replies: 6
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