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I have a Claude Monet 1840-1926, Les
Coquelicots, 1873 POPPIES print no.#
2295 Louvre, Musee De L\'impressionnisme,
Parris Les Editions Braun,Parris. It\' an 8 x
10. Can you please tell me the value of it?
Thank you

#27119Judy Porter
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Ifound two pictures w/JW Galleries
back, one is Low Tide, the other
isEventide, looks like painter wasw
Jilleain Spienan (could hardly make
the name out) wondered if and when
it could have been painted.

#27118Debra Rossi
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I found a water color of the Havana
Cathedral in an attic. It is on French paper
,by the artist A. F. Mettel . It is in great
condition ,not framed. What would a
watercolor painting of his be worth.

#27117Walter Justice
Replies: 16
I am trying to find the value of a Carl W. Rawson
painting. It has his signature on the bottom right
along with the number 42.

#27116Deborah hamilton
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I have it looks like a print or
photo in original frame not sure, it
looks like a church in paris, on the
bottom left corner it is presses
sealed 1902 dornach paris

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I have a bird oil painting by Tom Dolan and I was wondering if it had any value.

#27114harpalsinh. rana
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dear friends,

i have got rare paintings by the
indian artist piraji sagara for

my e mail

#27113harpalsinh. rana
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dear friends,

i have got rare paintings by the
indian artist piraji sagara for

my e mail

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I have a small oil painting of a
young girl with braids, kneeling up
on a stone table, kissing a boy
through a window. It is signed in
the bottom left hand corner with
\"Braun\". It also has authentication
papers on the back but i have no
idea if it is an original or
reproduction, i can\'t find any
information on it at all either.

Any information would be greatly

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MY grandmother has a painting from
her grandmother that is, what I
believe, a copy of Bartolome Esteban
Murillo\'s \"Children Eating a Pie.\" It
was in a frame and when I took it
out, I saw on the back it had a stamp
of \"VP226 Murillo: Pastry Eater 16 x

I\'m not sure how much this would
value at or where it came from. I
know it\'s not a one of a kind because
I\'ve seen five other people while
looking this up have the same
painting with the same stamp. If
anyone can give me some information
on this piece, it\'d be appreciated.
Thank you.

#27110Susan Clark
Replies: 1
I have a white vase, perhaps porcelain, with
a pastoral scene and the signature Francois
Boucher. Though I\'m sure the painting is a
reproduction, I am curious to learn more
about the style of the vase and when it was

#27109Kim Smith
Replies: 1
I have a John Smallwood
painting, i accquired it in
1974. i want to know what it\'s
worth. I can send a pic, there
is no date or title on the
painting. He was a family
friend, im so curious? Can i
put my daughter thru college,
if i sell it??

#27108Kim Smith
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I have a John Smallwood
painting, i accquired it in
1974. i want to know what it\'s
worth. I can send a pic, there
is no date or title on the
painting. He was a family
friend, im so curious? Can i
put my daughter thru college,
if i sell it??

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I have a Picasso #252 girl before
mirror hand silk screened colorful
what is the value?

#27106Derrick smitj
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I just bought a van Gogh pont a
arles print in the very old original
frame .35847 by Braun et cie printed
in France .the frame is very old ! I
was wondering what it was worth ?
It\'s a pont a arles pic of the draw
bridge n wowmen washing cloths in
the river

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Is there any value to Dave Dalton
paintings seascape edition,if so
what would the value be?

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I have a picture of Marie
Antoinette and at the bottom it
reads Vigee Le Brun Pinx1/2 on the
left. ... on the right it reads
Hel. Braun 8c cia... does anyone
know what this means any
information is appreciated
Thanks. ...

#27103Eddie Elizondo
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i have a Vincent Van Gogh...... The Starry Night
printed NO. 39164 does anyone know about
these prints

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We have a painting of the floral in
white vase signed Marion Rice. Can
you tell us about this? Thanks!

#27101Jonathan. clarke
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I have a print old, by august
renoir. It has 100493 on its back
king. Let moulin de la galette.
Printed In France Soho gallery
londres is this worth any?

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I have a beautiful painting signed by
AlpHER. Is anybody can help me to identify
this artist?

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i have a painting by Monet with number
2296 les coquelicots 1875 poppies Braun
and Cie can you please tell me if it worth a

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I have a small painting on canvas,
blind frame, LES EDITIONS BRAUN.
Painting is of Van Gogh - Les
Roulottes 1888. I am interested in
knowing more about this
reproduction. Thanks

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I have a small painting on canvas,
blind frame, LES EDITIONS BRAUN.
Painting is of Van Gogh - Les
Roulottes 1888. I am interested in
knowing more about this
reproduction. Thanks

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I found a small painting of a young girl with Braun Et Cie, Paris 10012 on back. Does anyone know anything about this?

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Our church received a R. Bushong painting
I might call it painted reverse on glass
It looks like silver behind the glass . It is a
floral bouquet in a black floral vase

Replies: 2
Inherited collection of 9 paintings all
different sizes. All signed Menchaca. I want
to know more about this artist. Help me find

#27093Tina Bradberry
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I have an AL Mattel watercolor
framed print of Borda Church in
Tasco Mexico. Any info would help on
this including a current value.
Thanks for your help.

#27092mary Cloherty
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I have a framed picture given to
me be a friend. it says Course De
taureaux,1901. The Bullfight.
Stierkampf. IT says its original
46 x56cm. It also has Les
EditionsBraun,Paris on it. Any
idea what its worth. It looks
like it might have something to
do with picasso. It says Paoblo
Picasso ne en 1881. No 1589

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I have 4 framed prints by Al Mattel that are
stamp signed.they are: OLD SPANISH
I am interested in the age and value. The
prices seem to be all over the place.

#27090Rachelle Phares
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I am looking for history on an antique print
that hung in my Great grandmother\'s home.
It is entitled,\"The Pet Rabbit\" and has No.
703 in bottom right corner. I have found two
others for sale but no one seems to have
any background on it. Anyone?

Replies: 1
I have a print, in the back the label reads LES EDITIONS BRAUN, Paris, S.P.A.D.E. M & Braun et cie 1957.
2518 - DEGAS

#27088Sandy Miller
Replies: 1
We just unpacked our mother\'s basement and found what I believe to be an Al Merrel watercolor, The painting ( or print, is beautifully framed and matted, in a lovely carved wooden frame. I can\'t tell) is titled. Airborne, Kitty Hawk 1903, signed and titled in pale blue ink. The penmanship is lovely too.

Can anyone tell me more about this painting?
Many thanks,

#27087margaret burke
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i have a picture with a print
with 2 cildren standing in front
of am old fashion tall fireplace,
its in an brown wooden frame, i
thot it was older cause the
children are nude and that wudnt
be allowed these day

#27086margaret burke
Replies: 2
i have a paul gaughan nafia ,
when will we marry print , says
on back es herrmann braun paris
muse de bali on the back of the
actual print it has 1/17

#27085margo marchese
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we have an artpiece signed by Georges Braque on canvas with a sticker on back Braun and Cie from Paris what exactly is it?

#27084Patrcia English
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I have to Al Mattel water colors they found
me at an estate sale. How can I find out
what they are worth and about the artist.

#27083Lynn Powers
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I have an Al Mettel picture titled \"The Green Wharf\" in Brussels. It is hand titled and signed in pencil. On the back it is titled in French. I can see no numbers listed which makes me wonder if it could be an original. It is a beautiful old cityscape with red tile roofs, church spires, and cobblestone streets.I am very interested in learning more of Mr.Mettel and his art. Thanks for any information.

#27082Charlene Jablonski
Replies: 0
I have a French print with a plate mark all around it\'s entitled L\'Occupation. It is exactly like the piece in the National Gallery, except it is colorized in browns and blues. The left bottom of the print says I.H.E. inv. S. Freudeberg del. The right side says Lingee Sculp. In the middle there are two crossed torches and a tiny etched date underneath \"1774\". In the middle of these notations is a French address. I have multiple photos. The back seems pretty solid and I didn\'t take it off. I am at a loss as to it\'s value and I hope someone with expertise in this field can help me with my sincere appreciation - Charlene

#27081Julie King
Replies: 0
I have a print that I recently came across and would love any information that can be provided about it. At the bottom of the print the printing company is \'Les Editions Braun Cie Paris\'. It has a round blue table with what looks like 4 egg yolks and whites and a distorted black cup or vase on it. There is also a blue plant pot with white dots and a leafy plant in it sitting on the table and next to the table is a faceless woman sittiing on a yellow and black seat. the floor is yellow and black in a cheetah type pattern. there is a coffee table in front of the woman with the words \'Mati B, Venice 1948\' written on it. If any one has any information at all I would really appreciate it. Cheers Julie.

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approx. val of Braun & Cie Mulhouse
Dornach Paris
1953 b S.P.A.D.E. & Braun Et Cie
100449 Monet Le pont d\'Argenteuil

Replies: 0
I have an oil painting by Tom Dolan. He was a well known bird artist. Does this painting have any value?

#27078Haig John
Replies: 0
I have 3 Degas etchings mounted with a label on
the back stating the series by Dagas and
Does anyone know who the NYC company is and
the relative value of these etchings. I will gladly
send pics.

#27077Milton Mac lean
Replies: 0
Hi there I have a print 159 \"head of a girl \"
by Jean-baptiste greuze ,,was wondering if
anyone knows how much it is worth ,,,

#27076John Underwood
Replies: 0
Have a oil painting of a old Sea
Captain, White beard, smoking a
pipe, white hat, Sign by KK Wong.
What is the value of this

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#27073Jill Phillips
Replies: 0
We just came across a Sprintime in
Normandy Art piece from your Grandfather.
I would be very interested to know more
about the inspirations behind his art and
whether it would be worth anything please

Replies: 0
I have a litho print GP3628 in USA co can
anyone tell me when it was made or
anything about it. Size 16x20

#27071Anne Marie
Replies: 1
Hello, I was cleaning out my in-laws cottage recently and foud the watercolor Supersition mountains Tuscon to Florence by Al Mettel. It is framed and has a pargraph from Mark Twain\'s \"Roughing It\". Could you tell me when this was painted and approximate value. Than you

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