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John Jay College Gallery

Kill Me or Change
Art Collect Iran

Invisible love and beauty

Queens Museum of Art Reopening

New Construction


"Recontextualizing the Found" a group exhibition

Time: January 27 - March 25, 2014
Location: Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery
John Jay College, City University of New York
59th Street and 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10019


Chin Chih Yang “Kill Me or Change” - a new performance at Art Collect Iran
Performances by the artist on June 26 and 27, 2014
the New Art Fair is the 1st International Contemporary Art Fair in Iran which will be held from 26 - 29 June 2014. http://www.euroasianworldwide.com/

The Art Fair offers both its visitors and participantions a unique and stimulating viewing experience, an annual international Art Fair event organized by group of professional art galleries and art dealers, supported by government of Iran.

Invisible love and beauty - 無形的愛與美
November 9, 2013 At Queens Museum of Art

1000 years ago, calligraphy was common: a communicative tool to
mediate between person and person; and calligraphic lettering was
itself as beautiful as art.

Enter humanity in the 21st Century. Technologies for communication arefiltered through corporate globalization. Cell phones, for instance, have become important communication tools—both for individual convenience, and for profit. But I am not sure whether these technologies are good or bad for our collective lives, which we must necessarily realize through interpersonal relations. So it's very interesting for me to try to use both technologies—ancient
calligraphy, as well as techniques derived from the digital
age—simultaneously, to see what emerges from their combination, and to see how the integrity of each stands alongside that of the other.

New Construction
"PSYCHLOTRON" on Oct. 5th, at John Downing Bonafede's Art Space.

John Downing Bonafede An amazing moment at the last Psychlotron. The augmented body of Chin Chih looks nothing like the artificial augmentations many people undergo to conform to the beauty myths in our society. Yet somehow he was more beautiful sitting there, with live fish, clay, croissants, LED lights, etc. attached to him, than any plastic surgeon's dream patient. Bravo

May 11th, 2013
Taiwan at Chang Gung Medical Foundation

I am doing my "Reconstruction" project now in Taiwan at Chang Gung Medical Foundation, a 5 days residency for my face operation at the hospital. this project will going to take more than a year.
RECONSTRUCTION - When Chin Chih Yang was a young recruit in the Taiwanese Army he was in charge of oil and gasoline for an important battalion of tanks. He got sick but there was no time to seek medical assistance and he suffered facial paralysis. Later, Yang became an artist and now, several decades on...

Chang Gung Medical Foundation

Joao Carita
After the Sexual Simulated Orgasm

Zenon Burdy
Jos Garca y Ms
Portrait of the Artist
Rossen Stanoev
Kingdom of Oceania

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Simona De Arcangelis

man in the rain
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Cubanidad es Amor
Yi-Chang Lin

Living by the


Rostro Conocido deformado en un sentido.
ArtExpo Rome March 2017
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Chin Chih Yang
Swine Flu (H1N1)




I have a Claude Monet 1840-1926, Les Coquelicots, 1873 POPPIES print no.# 2295 Louvre, Musee De L\'impressionnisme, Parris Les Editions Braun,Parris. It\' an 8 x 10. Can you please tell me the value of it? Thank you
Arte in Tabaccheria, Tabaccheria in Arte


The Best of 123Soho 2006 #5
The Best of 123Soho 2006 # 4
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